Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wireless Internet as reliable as DSL or Cable?

Yes. Our service does not have the issues of satellite or wireless technology where weather becomes a problem. You will enjoy an always on internet connection.

Is your service better than Satellite?

Yes. Our service does not have the issues of where weather becomes a problem. You will enjoy an always on internet connection. Additionally, satellite internet service has an astro-physical problem compared to our service, where the connection must travel over 100,000 miles round trip to reach your home. This causes a latency issue to the internet, otherwise known as lag. What this means is that it takes up to 200x the amount of time for your internet connection to receive the data than it does with our service. Satellite also has daily download limits. Sometimes a Windows Update can cause you to reach your daily download limit and you will no longer be able to enjoy a high speed connection. Also, we allow bursting up to 7MB/s, which is more than 5 times the average satellite carrier at a lower cost.

How fast is it?

Our three service plans range from 20x to 80x faster than dialup. The wireless connection does not require the use of any phone lines. Our network experiences an average of 3-20ms in delay before reaching the internet. We are connected to the internet via a 100MBit Fiber Connection through BellSouth.

Is it possible to do a Self-Install?

Since our installation requires professional configuration of the router equipment based on location, it is not possible to do a Self-Install.

Do I need to purchase any special equipment?

No, we provide all the equipment necessary during your installation. The only equipment required is a computer with a 10/100 Network interface. Most new computers have these by default.

Can I use a wireless router in my home?

Yes. You can connect our service directly to your wireless router. In fact we will provide you free of cost. It’s include in installation cost.

Is it like Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, etc. moblie broadband?

No. Our wireless service is a fixed wireless connection, meaning you cannot travel with it. Additionally, mobile broadband speeds are normally slower than ours, and experience higher latency.

Can I use a VoIP Phone service like Vonage or Packet8?

Although we do not guarantee any service that is supplied by a third party, VoIP is compatible with our network.

What are the advantages of Broadband?

Broadband allows you to complete your task of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster than a dial-up internet connection, thereby saving your valuable time, and giving you a superior internet experience.

What does an 'always on' connection mean? How do I connect to the internet?

An 'Always On' Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don't need to dial any phone number.

How do OFDM and MIMO help me?

Everest Link Secured Wireless Broadband specialized in wireless broadband service. The service is powered with 4th Generation OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) & MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output) technologies.

Is Everest Link Secured Wireless Broadband a mobile Broadband connection?

No, Everest Link Secured Wireless Broadband uses Wireless technology on last mile to reach your building to provide Broadband. We will install a CPE on your rooftop / balcony and your home will be connected with CAT5 cable.

What are the advantages of Everest Link Secured Wireless Broadband service over other wired internet connections?

Everest Link Secured Wireless Broadband service comes with many advantages; some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Bill Limit Guarantee
  • High download speed
  • On-Call Tech Support
  • Greater Security through WPA2


How do I pay?

We accept check or cash for your installation.